Is it time for a change?

Is your body telling you that it’s time to look after yourself better?
(Do you need to get more sleep, eat less junk food, drink more water, take regular exercise…?)

Are there things you would love to do regularly, but they just don’t happen?
(Spend time outdoors, read, make things, have adventures, catch up with all those people you keep promising to catch up with…?)

Do you often find yourself doing things you don’t like, but can’t seem to stop?
(Procrastinating, absent-mindedly snacking whilst watching Netflix, taking a moment to check Facebook and then realising you’ve been on there for 45 minutes….?)

If any of the above sound familiar, you might like to find out more about Little Challenges: a simple, research-based approach that offers stress-free daily steps towards the life you want.

You might be surprised at what you can achieve in just 30 days…