Katie has just helped me to make a change that I’ve been trying (and failing) to make for years. There are a few things that really made the difference:

  1. Katie really listened not only to what I thought I wanted to do but to what might underlie that.
  2. She listened for the things that would help me make a change and listened for  things that would work against it being sustainable. 
  3. She was absolutely clear about the fact that there was no point in making a change unless it was sustainable and she tailored not only her advice, but also my expectations, towards that end. 

There’s a clarity and simplicity to what Katie offers that has made all the difference to me.  

One of the things that has surprised me the most is how useful it’s been to touch base with Katie regularly even when I thought my plan for change was going fine. She asks the right questions to show you obstacles in your thinking before they become insurmountable or make you give up altogether. It’s also lovely to know that there is some informed , dispassionate, and caring support there and that you don’t have to do it all on your own.”

Grant Sonnex

Landscape painter at Grant Sonnex – Landscape Art


“I have just completed a month of Little Challenges.

Katie has a beautiful clarity which has enabled me to make some real changes with ease. It is remarkable how making small changes to thinking and behaviour have brought about big shifts in the way I feel in my daily life. Throughout the process I have felt really seen and supported.

I will definitely be signing up for more!”

Ruth Armes

Life coach at Ruth Armes Coaching


“I have read many self help books in my time and always get excited by the ideas when I read them but usually that’s as far as it goes and things don’t get put into practice.

With Little Challenges, each day I received a manageable task from Katie, personally customised to my needs and goals.  I was given the opportunity to put new healthy habits into place gradually and gently which slowly built up my confidence that I could achieve my goals. The shared spreadsheet helped me both see my progress as well as providing accountability and encouragement along the way.

I’m feeling much more in control of my life and I now exercise daily. I can highly recommend working with Katie, she is insightful, reliable and very pragmatic in her approach.”



Little Challenges quickly became a life changing tool for me. As a solopreneur,  I’ve found Katie Elliott’s program to be instrumental in helping me clear the clutter from my mind, identify what is important and needs to be done,  keep me on task and produce results quickly and almost effortlessly. Life is more manageable.

Katie seemed to zero in on the heart of blocks that prevented progress in many areas of my life. She is a joy to work with and I am grateful to have found her and Little Challenges. ”  

Denise Demaras

Artist, author and coach


“Working with Katie has been amazing. At the start I told her that I wanted to change a number of things: get more sleep, focus better at work, lose weight, cope with stress more easily. I’ve been trying to change those things for years and never had much success so I wasn’t particularly optimistic.

Within a week, I was noticing positive changes. The extraordinary thing was that none of it really felt like an effort. The challenges were so small that I could do them easily and yet they really seemed to make a big difference. For example, I found I’d lost weight without trying – it just seemed to happen as a result of changing other things.

By coincidence, I happened to be going through one of the most stressful times of my life at this point and yet I still managed to make several really positive, sustainable changes. In the past I might have given up, but I was so encouraged by the results I was seeing that I kept going even though I had loads of other things to deal with.

I can’t believe we made such a difference in just one month. It feels great!”

Robert Culpepper

Managing Director of Partnered Marketing